Meganne Forbes

My Story

My Creative path began at birth!  I was born into a family of artists, musicians and writers and that’s how we spent our time.  It was natural to paint and do crafts with my mom, Louise Forbes, who is a wildlife oil painter and has her own gallery.  My dad, John Forbes, played the stand up bass in a swing band and music and singing poured through our house.   I naturally chose art as my major in college and soon  it became my life’s work and play.  What a blessing to get to make art!  I love so many artistic mediums but I realized that I would have to choose one and study it consistently so I could get good at it.  Watercolor was the obvious choice for me and so for the last 35 years I have made the paintings you see here. William Dole, Gary Brown, and Dick Dunlap were influential teachers at University of California at Santa Barbara. But most of my learning came from diving into a routine of painting everyday. In rural Oregon, I had lots of time to figure out what the paints did, how the techniques worked, and I slowly began to get bolder.   I remember struggling with the paint and feeling tense and excited ……. I still do! I have lived on the Oregon Coast and Hawaii briefly but my home is the Santa Barbara area.  The last twenty-two years I’ve mostly been in the beach town of Carpinteria, California. After raising my son, Devon, who is now twenty-one and living nearby, I call my home the ‘retreat center for one’.  Avocado, apricot, orange and persimmon trees and many flower and vegetable plants surround me and this is where both painting and massage happen. I love to travel and have been captivated by Bali, Mexico, Spain, all around the United States, Canada and Hawaii.  You can see some of these influences in my art. Spiritual paths have also inspired my art and I’ve gone down quite a few!  I love seeing each of us for what we are, pure Spirit, Endless, Eternal and Divine.  May this come across in my art and help to heal the world! I paint and teach traditional watercolor (no white pigment is used). I use Arches 300 lb. handmade paper, paints, and brushes that I order from Daniel Smith Art Supplies.   Over the years I’ve developed many techniques that I share in my DVD and Ebook, Enchanting Watercolor , which you can purchase on this website.  I really want everybody to experience their creative nature because it brings such joy and blessing to the world. My paintings have been used as illustrations for books, book covers, licensing images for web use, greeting cards, business cards, logos, and special projects.  Prints of every painting are available and easy to order here on my website.  Let me know if I can bring to life one of your ideas, visions, or dreams.  I love collaborating and creating together.  Please feel free to email me anytime. Along with painting, I teach watercolor techniques, give massage, hike the hills around me, dance, play, love my friends and family and enjoy life to the fullest.  Thank you for taking in my art!  Blessings! Meganne Forbes 1363 Vallecito Road. Carpinteria, California 93013 805-450-7890  

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