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Enchanting Watercolor DVD

Learn the watercolor techniques I use in creating all of my paintings.

Beginners will love this DVD because I begin by showing all of the basic supplies and techniques. Advanced watercolorists will discover useful tips and be inspired to bring new techniques, colors, and symbols into their work. If you want to bring art into your life; this DVD will aid you in your journey.

I have a simple, open and joyous approach to creativity.

Price: $25 (includes DVD plus two handouts and shipping)



Enchanting Watercolor E-Book

Read about everything you need to become a watercolorist: the supplies, techniques, and creative wisdom! This E-Book is the ‘script’ used for the Enchanting Watercolor DVD. Follow along as you watch the DVD or have an easy reference to any topic. Designed to enhance the DVD, though not essential to it. 

Price $10

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Devotional Art DVD Spiritual Symbols of Love, Serenity, Peace and Wisdom A DVD of paintings by Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist Turn your TV into a work of art!


This DVD is intended to create an ambiance of peace, joy, and healing for your home or office. It can be used as a screen saver or projected onto a wall. Use this in yoga studios, healing rooms, and birth centers. It can be projected behind musicians; concerts are enhanced by these paintings of beauty, light, and love. Images include The Buddha, Quan Yin, Angels, Tara, Great Mother, and the Presence of Light.

Paintings by Meganne Forbes Music by Sudama Mark Kennedy

May this bring peace and goodness to the world! A portion of every sale goes to Direct Relief International.

Price: $25 (includes shipping)  


100 Ways for Artists to Get Great Ideas

Wondering what to Paint?

Jump start your imagination and get your creative juices flowing! I will show you how to get over artist’s block and creative dry spells. This is a great resource for all teachers, artists and anybody creative. Illustrated with my paintings and simple to read and apply.

Price: $10

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How to Paint Your Own Buddha!

Beautify your home while learning all the watercolor techniques I use in my paintings.

A Buddha drawing and specifc easy-to-follow insructions are included for you to use while painting your own piece of art. Several full-color reproductions of some of my Buddha paintings are included to help you choose color schemes you like.

Make a Buddha painting for your altar, home, or to give to a friend.

(This Buddha E-Book is guaranteed one of a kind. You will never find anything quite like this!)

Enjoy and have fun!

By Meganne Forbes

Price $10

(Right after checkout, you’ll be given immediate access to your ebook.)



Need help with a painting you are working on? Would you like a second opinion? I find that another pair of eyes can be helpful. I would love to brainstorm with you and I am experienced at seeing many options. Just email me a photo of your painting or sculpture and we will both talk about it. I welcome questions about any medium and I have a very flexible schedule.

Price $25 for 1/2 hour phone session.

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